Native American Yahi Note Cards & Bookmarks for Sale

These note cards and bookmarks are available for you and your friends to enjoy and gain knowledge of Ishi and the Yahi, a tribe that was hunted into extinction.

The stone artifacts were uncovered by the equipment that was used to take out an 80 to 100 year old orchard. No federal, moral or ethical laws were broken when these rare pieces of history were saved from being destroyed.

After rescuing these pieces and obtaining permission from the land owner, the archeology department at a university was called. The archeologist from the university was able to identify which tribes had lived there and shaped these incredible artifacts.

In hind sight, if the archeologist could have been called sooner, soil samples could have been taken and studied before the sediment layers were disturbed. This would have allowed for exact dating and additional knowledge.

Hopefully when the land owners of the former Yahi land and other Native lands see these pictures they will want to pay closer attention to what their equipment might be running over. By seeing what can be learned, they will not hesitate to call a university to identify and study what has been found. Many artifacts that are found end up in a rock garden and their history is never discovered. A little more of the Native American legacy is lost with each missed opportunity of sharing their history through their artifacts.

Notecard & bookmark designs shown below. For custom orders & history picture information, please call Brent at 503-717-5175.

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