Catalog of Pieces: #9-17

Artifact piece 9

#9 This Mortar is the same size as the Mortar Bowl with the handle.

Artifact piece 10

#10 Small Mortar. The top one was found in the campsite.  The bottom one was found on the ranch flood plain.

Artifact piece 11

#11 This Mortar was broken and then reworked to still be useable or was it made this way for a special purpose?  This type of Mortar would have been used for as long as possible due to the difficulty in making it out of this hard type of lava rock.

Artifact piece 12

#12 The big rock is a (Yahi) hopper mortar base. The line across it is where a plow went across it.  A hopper type basket was used with it.  The other (Yahi) base was used to hold pine nuts and acorns when cracking them.  The three pestles made from glaucophane schist, a glassy type of rock pestles were used in wooden bowls.  They show the serration from the wood worn into their ends.  They retain the original shape of the river cobble they came from.  The Wintun used them.

Artifact piece 13

#13 Last Mortar and Pestle in the ground stone set.

Artifact piece 14

#14 This Yahi Hopper Mortar Base also has a small hand Mano grinding stone with it (not in picture).
The Yahi sometimes used a Mano when they used the base without the basket on it.  The large pestle was made by the Wintun.  The Wintun people evidently used the Yahi base with their own hopper basket because the base was already in camp area.

Artifact piece 15

#15 A Wintuan made pounding tool – Pestle

Artifact piece 16

#16 Long Wintuan Pounding Tool – Pestle. The white color on it is mineral deposit.

Artifact piece 17

#17 Net Fishing Weights. Top right one is natural river shaped rock.