Catalog of Pieces: #1-8

Artifact piece 1

#1 Metate (only ¾ inch thick) and Mano. Amazingly the farming equipment never put a scratch on it.

Artifact piece 2

#2 Handled Mortar and Pestle. This type of lava rock is very hard and difficult to shape.  Conical shaped handle protruding from the dirt clod is what saved it from being smashed by the caterpillar.  I pulled it out of the way just in the nick of time.  Hole worn through the bottom (see hole in #9).

Artifact piece 3

#3 Handled Metate and Mano. This metate shows that it was broken and then reshaped to be used again or was it made this way for a special purpose?  There has been a few metates similar to this one found in the lower Sacramento Valley.  They are called frying pans after their shape.

Artifact piece 4

#4 Light weight Metate and Mano. The ripper on the tractor broke the corner.  The Mano covers it up nicely in the camp picture.

Artifact piece 5

#5 Metate and Mano in nice shape.

Artifact piece 6

#6 Well shaped Mortar Bowl and Pestle.

Artifact piece 7

#7 Nicely shaped Mortar with Pestle.

Artifact piece 8

#8 This Mortar is only ½ inch thick on two sides and one inch thick on the other two sides.  It is very fragile.  At some time it was hit with a plow and a part of the lip was broken, leaving a hairline crack in it.  The pestle might not be the one that was made to be used in it but it was the one I found closest to where I found the mortar.