Note To The Native Americans

Brent Thompson

To answer the question am I a Native American.  I do not belong to any tribe however my wife is part Cherokee.  I know I am part of this land and feel proud that I am.

From an early age, I felt the presence of the Yahi ancestral spirits on the creek that flowed by our family farm.  When sitting by the creek watching the wood ducks feeding on the acorns that were falling into the pool from the oak trees that shaded the creek and the King salmon splashing at the head of the pool laying their eggs, I would feel as one with the land and ancestral presence at times like this.  

I feel the ancestral spirits have trusted me to help with the legacy of all the ancestral native peoples, not just the Yahi Tribe.  The Yahi provided me with the most awesome ground stone implements ever shaped by ancestral native people. (To help with their legacy).

Yahi Stone Artifacts

Dr. Johnson’s newest book Ishi and His Ancestors *The last sentence of paragraph one in the preface of his book says (he is talking about Ishi) “The truth of the matter is that Ishi was clearly Yahi/Yana culture but that it is quite possible that genetically he might have been mixed blood or even pure Maidu or some other native group.” 

To the Maidu nation I thank you for helping me to set Ishi’s spirit free.  (See my Ishi story).

My vision of a camp scene with Ishi and his Yahi family bronzed in a life size camp scene with the ground stones and other tribal artifacts would be displayed at a respectful place.

*May 13, 2009 Dept of Anthropology
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street, Sacramento, California 95819-6106